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IIT Kanpur entered the MOOC space quite early, way back in 2012 with a course on Software Architecture for the Cloud. Since then there has been a lot of work in this space, not only in delivering MOOCs but also in developing tools and technologies for delivering MOOCs.

One such effort is mooKIT, a MOOC management system.

The first requirement to deliver a MOOC effectively is a powerful platform. The existing software in this space is complex to host and manage, complex to change and adapt to local needs and also expects high internet maturity from the end-user. mooKIT is built to addresses all these issues.

mooKIT is a lightweight MOOC Management System conceived, designed and developed at IIT Kanpur targeting towards developing nations. It has been used in more than 60 courses so far in India and abroad.




mooKIT was seeded by initial funding from TEQIP IITK

Commonwealth of Learning supported by using mooKIT in various courses across the world through the twin initiatives, MOOCs for Development and AgMOOCs.

PMMMNMTT   a scheme of MHRD, Government of India, gave a big fillip through substantial funding and support for mooKIT development and brought it to this stage.




Aditya Vadlamani

Deepak Kumar

Lavanya Ravichandiran

Professor T. V. Prabhakar

Revathy KT